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Our group assists in consolidating your retirement benefits to optimize your financial security and provide peace of mind in your retirement years.

Maximizing Your Benefits

As a result of you being a member of the union skilled trades you have a unique benefit package – which simply accounts for 18 to 30 percent of your compensation.

This package includes a range of benefits such as health, vision, dental insurance and unique pension options. As well as a 401k and/or Defined contribution plan.

Unique Benefits for Union Skilled Trade Members
As a member of the union skilled trades, you enjoy a comprehensive benefit package that accounts for 18 to 30 percent of your overall compensation. This package includes a range of valuable benefits, such as:
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Unique pension options
  • 401k and/or Defined Contribution Plan
However, the challenge lies in piecing together this complex retirement puzzle to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. It’s not just about having a nest egg, but also ensuring that your benefits work together seamlessly to provide a comfortable and sustainable retirement.

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    We Employ Strategies to Fit Your Financial Life

    Retirement Planning

    The U.S. Census Bureau  says the average American retires at age 62;  20.7% of the population will be 65 years or older by 2050.  

    Guaranteed Income

    From 1998 to 2008 the S&P 500 generated a -1.40%  rate of return (a lost decade).


    For a buy and hold investor it took almost 13 years, from March 2000-January 2013, just to recover what they had lost in these downturns.

    Financial Services

    We use a simple but powerful 3-bucket approach to help clients build wealth.

    Taxes & Efficiency

    Tax inefficiency can eat away at your retirement goals.

    Estate Planning

    Setting up a simple plan can save money and heartache for family members.

    Unique Retirement Challenges

    Feeling confident that you can retire and maintain a certain lifestyle in retirement is a complicated puzzle. It’s even more complex for those whoretire from a skilled trade occupation.

    The challenge for the skilled trades is knowing when members can safely retire. Many skilled trade workers retire at age 55, which is considerably sooner than the more typical retirement age of 65.

    This earlier retirement age requires a unique planning strategy that covers the retirees’ needs  during these early retirement years and beyond. It’s essential that each retiree have a strategy to meet healthcare, income cash flows, debt management, taxes, Social Security, investment management, insurance solutions and legacy planning needs.

    Unique Retirement Solutions​

    Union Benefit Advisors (UBA) offers solutions to this unique retirement challenge.

    Who is UBA? UBA is a team of advisors who specialize in the retirement needs of skilled trade workers and a redevoted to working with each and every member to identify their goals in retirement. We provide them with a comprehensive retirement plan, which we call the Bl(u)Print.

    Because of our specialized training in skilled trade pension benefits, 401(a)s and other unique skilled trade topics, we are able to customize plans to guide each member toward a work-optional retirement. We believe that this planning process is key to allowing each member the peace of mind of knowing that they can retire and remain retired if they so choose.

    UBA vets and carefully selects these advisors, who then present workshops to educate workers about retirement topics and retirement planning services available to them. UBA advisors work with Advisor Share and its portfolios for investments solutions as well as Senior Market Sales® for insurance solutions that make sense in members’ individual plans.

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    When the unfortunate happens, we’re here to offer comfort and guidance. Our team provides a supportive presence, helping you navigate difficult situations with empathy and expertise.
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